FEMA surveys damage in Quay County

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Federal officials arrived in Logan Tuesday morning to assess the damage from the tornado that ripped through the village on Friday afternoon.

Members of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), headquartered in Denton, Texas, met with officials of the state and Logan emergency management teams.

“We need to stress that this is a preliminary damage assessment,” said Brad Craine, public affairs specialist with FEMA.

Until there is a presidential declaration from President Bush, FEMA does have the authority to release any funds, Craine said.

Gov. Bill Richardson got the process started on Saturday when he declared Logan, Clovis and Portales disaster areas. He also released $750,000 in state funds to help in repairing utilities, roads and the overtime pay for emergency responders.
The rest is up to the president, said Craine.

In the meantime, by seeing the damage first-hand, FEMA can determine the number of homes, rental units and businesses affected by the tornado, Craine said.
The tornado, which was categorized as an EF1 was estimated to have top wind speeds of 105 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

Some of the trailers and homes damaged are known to be second homes and FEMA does not provide assistance for homes that are not primary residences, Craine said.
Several hours after FEMA conducted its assessment, American Red Cross workers readied to leave Logan and return to Clovis.

By their count, 60 homes had been affected by the tornado. Of those, 32 were gone or destroyed, 14 had major damage and the rest sustained minor damage, said Nicole Thompson, office manager based in Clovis regional office.

Another 10 homes which were fifth wheels had been damaged or destroyed, Thompson said.

“The community has really been jumping in and taking care of needs,” Thompson said.

The Red Cross provided assistance for 51 cases, either individuals or families,
who were given money for lodging, groceries, rent and clothing, she said.

If anybody needs Red Cross assistance, they can call the Red Cross, and make an appointment for a time when Red Cross officials will return to Logan.

Tornadoes in Logan
Date Rating
June 3, 1961 F2
July 12, 1963 F2
March 23, 2007 EF1

Source: National Weather Service