Quay area students to compete in design contest

By QCS Staff

Of the 62 students to compete in an upcoming contest, 40 are students from the Quay County area making up more than half of the students and over half the teams.

Students from House, Logan and San Jon high schools in Quay County and from Grady High School in Curry County and Mosquero High School in Harding County will compete with teams from New Mexico and Texas at the International Environmental Design Contest (EDC) on Sunday through Wednesday at New Mexico State University (NMSU) in Las Cruces, according to a press release.

The 2007 high school EDC has 62 students from eight different schools participating. Teams of usually 4-6 students compete in a variety of tasks based on real-world environmental challenges. The tasks are designed to give students the opportunity to create and develop new and innovative technologies while gaining experience with the problems facing our environment, the press release stated.

All teams will prepare four different presentations: written, oral, a bench-scale model and poster, as part of the competition. They will be judged by environmental professionals.

Teams will compete in seven different tasks for cash prizes, trophies and recognition. Area students are:

• The Grady High School team, lead by advisor Creighton Edington, is comprised of students Kat Grau, Brian Blackburn and Alora Pond. The team will tackle Task 4: Conversion of Biomass Resource to Useful Forms of Energy and Other Products.

• House High School team members are Shannon Lane and Sara Lee with faculty advisor, Tommy Evans. They are participating in the Open Task category.

• Seven students from Logan High School, Daniel Acosta, Ashlee Burns, Stevie Stephenson and Austin Whetten, are taking on Task 5: Bacteria and/or Virus Removal from Pond Water. Steven Carter, Samantha Sanchez and Andrew Sandoval are competing in Task 4. The faculty advisor for both teams is Franklin Gibson.

• Students from Mosquero High School are also tackling Task 4. The team members include Ramon Artalejo, Ashleigh Mitchell, Mandi Reyna, Miguel Lozano and Chris Trujillo with Yvonne Bone as the team’s faculty advisor.

• Twenty-Four students who make up five teams from San Jon High School are competing. They are: Ashley Ailor and Amye White are tackling Task 1: Silica Removal from Inland Brackish Water; Jordon Jennings, Alfredo Sanchez and Oran Stoner will participate in Task 7: Energy Efficient Removal of TDS from RO Reject and Cooling Tower Blowdown; Rana Gibson and Gabby Stoner are taking on Task 5; Beverly Lansdell is competing in Task 3: Inland Desalination Operation and Disposal in Rural, Isolated Communities; and David Kneitz and Alex Nielson are participating in Task 4. The remaining San Jon students Benjamin Bone, Barton Bone, Lily Bowe, Kateri Bowe, Austin Boydstun, T.J. Evans, Morgan Foster, Tyce Foster, Keely Goodgame, Lindsey Jennings, Colton Kulbach, Joshua Saville, Danny Shetter and Bretta Smith are competing in the Open Task category. The faculty advisor for the five student-teams is Steve Goodgame. Creighton Edington and Carol Goodgame are mentors for the teams.

The EDC is hosted by WERC: A Consortium for Environmental Education and Technology Development, through the College of Engineering at NMSU.