Friends nurture healing

By Lynn Moncus

Life certainly can change a little rapidly at times and sort of leave us wondering just what happened. This woman from Ima learned more about our medical facilities than she ever wanted to know when the body decided to slow her down. Few people have been as fortunate as I to have avoided major illnesses and limited experiences with doctors and hospitals. Well, all that changed, and I learned about intensive care units as well as about the medical staff in our neighboring town of Amarillo.

Thanks to Dr. Nguyen, I landed there in one big hurry and stayed for a few days until the doctors there were ready to send me home. During that sojourn, I certainly didn’t have time to do much other than to follow directions and to try to be calm about being dependent on others.

Those of us who have been privileged to blaze our own trails have more than a little difficulty in learning to lean on friends and to be patient patients. Of course, as is our southwestern tradition, friends just showed up to help and to see what needed to be done.

‘Tis far different to be on the receiving end than on the giving end, but I surely hope that each person understands how very much I appreciate all that has been done.
Cards, calls, letters, flowers, and prayers were immediately forthcoming to let me know that I was anything but alone during a rather tense time. To see familiar faces at the hospital certainly relieved some of the tension and gave me a chance to say a few things that were on the mind.

As we have said through the years, friends are our most precious gifts. Without them, life would be very empty indeed. Getting out and about again is the major goal as neither Aggie nor I can tolerate being cooped up for an indefinite period. As she points out, I was already very slow, but she thinks this is ridiculous. She is drawing maps for our Sunday drives and is eager to get back to some semblance of normalcy. I’m just as ready as she and will make a few plans for short excursions so we can enjoy the beauty of our county and the coming of spring. Watching the appearance of new life is one of the best kinds of therapy and certainly makes us appreciate our surroundings. The warm weather also makes a body feel better automatically and gives one a desire to be in the out-of-doors.

I would surely like to thank each of you for all you have done to make life pleasant and to let this woman from Ima know you are walking beside me. Acts of kindness can never be forgotten.