FAA helps to fund runway expansion

By QCS Staff

The Tucumcari Municipal Airport will receive $150,000 for planned upgrades and safety equipment from the Federal Aviation Administration, according to a press release from U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman.

“We receive this money every year for the improvement and upkeep of the airport,” said airport manager Steve Stephenson.

“I would like to see runway 826 extended by 1,100 feet,” said Stephenson. The runway is currently 4,600 feet.

“In adverse weather conditions,” Stephenson said, “826 is too short to be used by larger aircraft as a cross wind runway. By extending it, we would have two runways that could be used by the larger jet traffic. Most of the money will go towards an environmental impact study and the extension of runway 826.

“With the money that is left over, I would like to buy some maintenance equipment for the airport.”

Before any changes are begun, Stephenson said, the environmental study and consultation with engineers has be to complete. Then the plans have to be submitted to the City Commission for approval.

“Federal funding helps ensure New Mexico airports remain safe and in good condition,” said Bingaman in the press release.