Mesalands has commercial shoo-in

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Look for Mesalands Community College on a TV nearest you.

Two 30-second commercials – one featuring the college’s farrier science program and the other, the fine arts foundry – were filmed on Thursday by the New Mexico Lottery.

“It’ll be great for Mesalands, it’ll give the college exposure throughout the state,” said D’Jean Jawrunner, arts faculty, who runs the foundry.

The film crew, Southwest Productions, and the lottery’s ad agency, Kilmer & Kilmer, Inc., both of Albuquerque started early Thursday morning. Camera and dollies were set up at the farrier barn, where students from Eddy Mardis’ program were the stars of the shoot.

One student said it was like being part of a movie, after he’d been asked to do several takes of a shot that included the hammering of a horseshoe hot from the furnace.

The horses also had to make several walk-throughs on a shot that called for their entrance and positioning for horse shoeing in the farrier barn.

But, that’s show biz.

Later in the afternoon, it was the foundry’s turn to be in the spotlight. There students, faculty and assistants donned their silver fire resistant garb to begin a bronze pour.

Lottery chief executive officer, Tom Romero, attended the afternoon’s shoot at the foundry.

Romero said the ads let students and parents know that the skills required for an exciting and meaningful career can be obtained by attending one of the state’s community colleges and that the Legislative Lottery Scholarships can help.

Romero, who was once a police officer with the Tucumcari Police Department, said he was born in Tucumcari. His family moved to Dalhart and he completed his high school education there. He then joined the police department, where he worked as a dispatcher, patrolman, sergeant and lieutenant from 1976 to 1988.

He then joined the state’s Department of Public Safety in 1989 as a instructor, was named bureau chief of the Law Enforcement Academy. In June 2006, he was named chief executive officer of the N.M. Lottery.

The lottery has funded $880,000 in scholarships to 285 high school graduates in Quay County between 1997 and Spring 2006, according to a N.M. Lottery spokeswoman. More than 100 of those students have graduated from college.

And more than 150 Mesalands students have benefited from the lottery’s scholarship program since 1997.

All net revenues from the sale of lottery games benefit the Legislative Lottery Scholarship program, which provides tuition assistance for New Mexico residents attending the state’s public colleges and universities.

The commercial spots featuring Mesalands are two of six ads that will feature college programs in the state. They are to air in late spring and will also be posted on the lottery’s Web site at

You’ll also hear this message: “You can get a degree in something really interesting like animation, welding, woodworking, horseshoeing, drafting baking – and a Legislative Lottery Scholarship can help make it happen.”