Wind gusts take minor toll on city

By QCS Staff

Rowdy and fiesty wind gusts fueled a brush fire off of Airport Road and toppled over several power poles over the weekend, Tucumari police officials said.

Not long after officials checked a downed power pole in the vicinity of Cemetery Road, another was felled in the alley behind 2616 South Fouth Street in Tucumcari.

A carport was hoisted by the wind and brushed up against a power pole. Power was shut off because of the disturbance, and utility trucks came outfitted with new poles.

At nearly the same time on Saturday, firefighters were called out to a brush fire northeast of town off of Airport Road along an Arch Hurley canal.

Gusts Tuesday were recorded up to 44 mph Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service Web site for Tuucmcari.

Gusts of 30 mph were predicted for today and expected to decline throughout today and tomorrow, according to NWS.