Can’t wait for Sunday reruns

By Aggie Moncus

As you can see, I, Aggie, am in charge of the column this week because the slave is still pretending to be ailing too much to be able to do any writing – or anything else for that matter. Now and then I have to be rather forceful in order to get our work done and to avoid taking further advantage of our publisher’s patience.

For several weeks now, I have been in charge of most happenings on this corner so the slave could loll about and try to find someone who would feel sorry for her. She can really put on a show at times, but I’m used to her dramatics and just go about the business of enjoying life even though the wind tends to try to cause me to be less than relaxed. I have had to spend all too much time in my favorite hiding place in order to pretend that the weather is calm and I don’t have to worry about landing in Kansas along with Toto.

On the few calm days, I have had great fun playing in the back yard and watching the spring growth cover some of the ground that had been bared by those breezes. I even found a little lizard to chase on one of the warmer days, but I decided not to bother him too much because he was still too cold to slither as fast as he should in order to stay out of my grasp. I prefer to have to do a little running in order to play with the natives in that yard and don’t want to be able just to reach out to put paw on a head.

My main complaint is that the slave hasn’t bothered to take us on our Sunday drives this whole year, and I really miss being out in the wide open spaces. Sunday has always been my very special day, but of late it has been like most of the other days, and that is not good. Even though she has begun to get out of the house on occasion, I haven’t had a chance to do any more than to be taken to the kennel when she is going to be out of town. I really don’t mind staying there but I think I should be rewarded by having those special drives into the country so I can walk amid the tumbleweeds and things.

My main entertainment has been standing on the slave’s oxygen tubing so she can’t move without stretching her neck just a bit. She does talk to me on those occasions, but I pay little attention and just wait for the next chance to trap her when she thinks she’s going to walk from place to place without incident. She needs to pay more attention to what is going on so I won’t feel obligated to capture her the hard way. Can’t you just see her with one foot in the air and the tubing dragging her back? She doesn’t see the humor in that, but I have fun watching her come to a quick halt before taking another step. She will learn to look before moving if she wants to be able to avoid those experiences.

When you see her wandering around town, remind her that she needs to plan carefully to take me for a ride next Sunday. I might even avoid taking a long walk if she would just let me get into the car and pretend we are going to those canyons. She could at least take me into Quay Valley so I can see the mesas and can dream about walking along some of those roads. She needs a good lecture and might just listen to you. I really appreciate your trying to help me!