City Agrees: Signs need facelift

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

The Tucumcari “Welcomes you” signs will be getting a facelift and new makeup, the City Commission agreed on Thursday night.

The two welcoming signs at the east and west ends of the Tucumcari Boulevard will be revamped and repainted for $1,400 by Rudy Gonzales’ business, “Signs by Rudy.” Individual logos from various clubs offering their supportive welcome on the billboards can be replaced for a cost of $50 each to Gonzales, said Cathy Estrada, city code enforcement officer, who presented the proposal to the commission.

In other business before the commission:
• Approved a contract agreement for $70,000 in annual salary to John Sutherland, the new city manager, who is start on Tuesday.

• Agreed to negotiate the cost of a new contract for economic development services with the Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corp. The city’s current contract is for $83,000 per year. The new proposed contract calls for $100,000 per year.

• Received an update on the city pool opening which is scheduled for Tucumcari High School’s senior week in May. Doug Powers, city environment director, said he was investigating the possibility that the pool could be heated through solar power for $17,000.

• Agreed not to pursue a human resource management study. The study was to provide the city with a guidelines for items such as wage scales, job descriptions, classifications and evaluations, and other human resources tools.

The commissioners said they expected the study to cost about half of what the firm proposed — $43,000.

Mayor protem Antonio Apodaca said he thought Sutherland could provide the basics for such a handbook for the city. Apodaca said the city should drop the request for proposals.

Commissioners Jim Witcher and Christopher Maestas agreed; commissioner Jim Lafferty was not present.

Mayor Mary Mayfield voted no at the prospect of dropping all requests. “From day one,” Mayfield said the city has needed direction on employment development, cross training and knowledge about whether or not the city’s salaries were up to date. For example, Mayfield said, “There’s no rhyme or reason why we give the raises we do.”