Mom recalls her daughter: Playful, bouncy

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

She heard “Mom” and then “a pop.” Deborah Throckmorton went toward the sound of her daughter’s voice.

“I saw her balled up on the floor. I rolled her over and straightened her legs out and made sure her head was elevated,” Throckmorton said.

She saw very little blood coming from a wound on her daughter’s left side.

“They revived her once” at the hospital, Throckmorton said, but less than an hour and a half later, Tiffany Lee Throckmorton, 21, was dead.

Phillip J. Latham, 24, is accused in her shooting.

Deborah Throckmorton said Latham was a relative newcomer in her daughter’s life.
He had been at the house about 9 a.m. on Tuesday, then he left. Throckmorton said she was not aware he had returned because she was taking a shower.

Latham told police he was “just playing around” with a gun he thought was unloaded, court records show.

Throckmorton said she does not believe Latham’s story. “Whatever happened to her, it was not in any way an accident,” she said.

She said Latham had recently been released from prison for armed robbery — Tucumcari Police Chief Larry Ham said Latham was released in March.

“I’d have called the police myself if I knew he had a gun.” Throckmorton said.
Deborah Throckmorton and her daughter shared the house, a duplex, at 222 E. High Street, where they kept the adjoining kitchen door open and often shared meal preparation and laundry chores, Throckmorton said.

Tiffany Throckmorton attended House Schools and went through the 10th grade, her mother said. She had attended a course at Mesalands Community College in preparation for earning a high school diploma, but seemed to be a little test shy, her mother said.

Her daughter did not always make the best decisions, but that is how young people best learn life’s lessons, Throckmorton said.

“She had a bright, playful side,” Throckmorton said, remembering her daughter’s love for Mexican rap music. “She was very generous. She also could be very obstinate.”

She said Tiffany was the youngest of her three daughters.

“She was always there for me. Life without Tiff is going to be very difficult.”

Tiffany Lee Throckmorton is survived by her mother, her father, Robert Throckmorton, and two sisters, Tessa Throckmorton of Tucumcari and Tarrah Throckmorton of Virginia.

Funeral arrangements are being handled by Chavez Funeral Home of Santa Rosa.