May 5, 2007 Letters to the Editor

Cater to children not casino
I was born and raised in Tucumcari (and still have family there) and now live in St. Louis. I’ve been keeping up on what’s happening in my hometown from the Quay County Sun Web site.
I’ve been following the news reports on the Racino and can’t believe Tucumcari is even considering this as a viable option.
I’ve been concerned for years about the decline of the city and how its most precious resource — the young people — are always overlooked to cater to those with money, and those with their own personal agendas.  
The major drug and alcohol problems in this small town, lack of doctors and lack of positive activities for the young people to become involved in is sickening.  
It really saddens me that the city may be creating another problem for our hometown.
Bringing a casino and race track into Tucumcari will only bring more alcoholism, more drug abuse and gambling problems.
I hope city officials will see that this project will bring more bad than good to our hometown.
Instead of catering to the rich, maybe the focus should be on the children and young people.

Kathleen Sanchez
St. Louis

Casino can do good for area
After 29 years in Phoenix, I have seen the good a casino can do and does do for its area.
I have watched areas of severe and depressing poverty turn into new schools, better health resources, larger police forces and better employment opportunities with limited crime. The welfare recipients have decreased because of better paying job opportunities. We have seen hopelessness for the future turn into self-pride and hope.
The problems the ministers speak about already exist in most cases and do not have to be. Are they so insecure in their faith and performance as shepherds of their flocks that they feel it necessary to cry “boogeyman?”
If/when someone tithes or makes an offering from gambling winnings, will they refuse it?
I am a Christian and I believe that what Satan means for evil, God turns to good.

Paula Wakefield