Mesas work their healing powers

By Lynn Moncus: QCS Columnist

Aggie won the battle Sunday and saw that we took a drive into Quay Valley. I’m not too sure which of us was the most excited because we hadn’t been for such a drive this year and really needed to take time to admire the beauty of the mesas and the wild flowers which had burst into bloom.

Those of us who are natives of these parts just naturally need to spend time in the country to appreciate nature and to keep in touch with our pioneer heritage. Aggie was so excited that we were going for a drive that she forgot to play her usual game of “catch me if you can” and jumped right into the car the minute I opened the door. She began to look around as we left the garage and continued to do so throughout our trip. Often she hides her head in the corner because something might be dangerous.

When we arrived at our usual place to turn off the pavement, she became very active and could hardly wait until we came to a stop so she could get out to check on all the area news. She seemed to sense that she didn’t need to try to drag me around on the leash and just ambled along at a fairly normal pace.

We stopped to take pictures of some of the wild flowers and just to look around us while breathing that wonderful country air. The sounds of nature were most definitely music to our ears as we moseyed along. Although we didn’t walk quite a far as we usually do, we spent quality time shuffling along amid the grass and other growth.

One of us was just naturally standing a little taller than I had for a while and was so pleased to be walking around in our county that I was not eager to make the drive home, but that seemed necessary as we hadn’t planned to stay very long. We certainly did not hurry back to the car and then did not hurry to begin the drive home. Just sitting there and looking at those mesas was the best therapy anyone could have.

Once we started back to town, we stopped several times along the way just to look into that valley and to think of those pioneers who taught us to appreciate our county. A feeling of well being took over and let me know just how fortunate I have been to have been a part of our land. Of course, I had picked up a few rocks and thrown them during our walk in order to get the feel of that land. Just touching the ground is a healing process.

If all goes as planned, we will continue these drives and stay as close to nature as possible. We have much more exploring to do and have certainly fallen behind in checking on the changes in our scenery. We sort of missed the coming of spring, but we saw the results as we admired the green pastures and the brilliant wild flowers.

No doubt, Aggie will see that we take another drive this week and will be planning ahead to see that we don’t miss any more time in our county.