Ministry helping with food program

QCS Staff

A newly formed Manna Ministries, similar to Angel Food Ministries, is providing food in bulk so that it’s more affordable to area residents, said Cora Lucero, a program specialist with the Community Services Block Grant program in Tucumcari.
Programs like this, Lucero said, “Help in the fight against poverty and provide better nutrition.”

The menu is guaranteed to be worth $50, she said. The money collected pays for the food that’s distributed, Lucero said.
The following menu items will be available at the Eastern Plains Community Action Agency at 210 W. Center St. from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on May 11.

Orders should be placed by calling Eastern Plains and should be paid in cash when they are picked up.
$25 menu, plus a $2 fee for transportation of food to Eastern Plains’ office:

3 pounds riblets
3 pounds chicken Nuggets
5 pounds of stew meat
2 pounds of ground beef patties
15 ct. Totinos pizza rolls
1 pound drum sticks
28 ounces of steak fries
16 ounce vegetable cooking oil
15.25 ounce whole kernel corn
14.5 ounces tomatoes
1 pound bag organic carrots
15 ounces ranch style beans
3.25 ounces assorted danishes
1.5 ounces beef stew seasoning
1 dozen eggs
5 pounds of potatoes
7.25 ounces of macaroni and cheese

The additional special menus below are available only with an order of the $25 menu above.
• Special #1 – $18 – 7-pound seafood special
(3 lb. popcorn shrimp, 2 lb. fresh catfish nuggets, 1 Ib. fresh pollack filet, 1 lb. fresh salmon filet.)
•l Special #2 – $18 9-pound pork special
(4-12 oz. pork steaks, 3 lb. pork roast, 3 lb. Bar-S smoked sausage, 14 oz. cocktail smokies.)
• Special #3 – $18 8-pound steak combo special
(2-8 oz. ribeyes, 4-8 oz. boneless strip loins, 5 lb. beef chopped steaks)
• Special #4- $18 6-pound “School’s Out” Variety Box
(3 lb. corn dogs, 3 lb. crunchy fish sticks, 12 oz. breaded chicken nuggets, 4 pk. Momma Rosa’s combo. pizzas.)

The Manna Ministries program says it reserves the right to substitute any item due to availability or price, according to Lucero.
To place an order, contact the Eastern Plains CAA at 461-1914 and ask for Cora Lucero, ext. 140 or Theresa Martinez, ext. 172.