Gas prices hitting record highs

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The price of gas in Tucumcari was possibly the highest seen all year at the pumps on Friday.

The high was $3.25 a gallon for unleaded at a majority of the stations and the low was $3.12 a gallon for regular unleaded at Circle K on South First Street, according to an informal survey taken on Friday.

“If the price keeps going up I’m not sure how it will affect business,” said Larry Bond owner of the Travelers One Stop gas station where the price was $3.25.

“People think, by the higher prices, I’m seeing a profit but the prices of the groceries delivered to my store increases as well. Last year, when it was $3.09 a gallon people still traveled,” Bond said.

In a 24-hour span, from Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon, gas took a jump as high as 23 cents in Tucumcari.
The Allsups on South First Street went from $3.02 a gallon Thursday to $3.25 a gallon on Friday.

Statewide, prices are rising to record highs, said AAA New Mexico’s spokeswoman Jeannie Chavez.

The New Mexico statewide average reached a new record high every day this week beginning May 6, Chavez said.

Of the AAA New Mexico Weekend Gas Watch areas, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Flagstaff, Denver, Durango, Amarillo and El Paso are currently at all time high record gasoline prices as well.

On Friday, New Mexico’s statewide average was $3.131 per gallon, 6.3 cents more than last week and 23 cents more than a year ago, she said.

Record highs based on an average price recorded by AAA in New Mexico were:
l Albuquerque $3.118
l Las Cruces $3.110
l Santa Fe $3.200
The national average of $3.042 is 3 cents more than last week and 15.7 cents more than last year, Chavez said.

There is no one determining factor that Chavez could point to to explain the increase, she said.
Tucumcari gas prices on May 11
Circle K $3.25
(Rock Island)
Circle K $3.13
(First and Route 66)
Allsups $3.25
Circle K $3.12
(South First)
Fina $3.25
Holiday Conoco $3.25
Love’s $3.19
Phillips 66 $3.25
Travelers One Stop $3.25