County to change requests for road changes

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

For the Quay County Commission the long and winding roads just seemed to be getting more twisted.

And in an effort to straighten them out, the commission plans to create an application and process for residents seeking changes in county roads. The commission also plans to establish a fee for processing the request and a committee to review county roads in the applications.

Part of the process will be to have the roads reviewed by the county’s road superintendent, the county fire marshal and by the commissioner who represents the district where the road is.

For several years, there have been few requests, but since the beginning of the year, there have been several requests from landowners about roads, said Franklin McCasland, commission chairman, at Monday’s meeting.

The requests have included asking the county to either take up ownership or give up ownership of certain roads, or for the county to reconcile differences between landowners regarding roads.

At Monday’s meeting alone there were two separate requests from landowners regarding road closures.

The first request was from Don McCoy, on behalf of landowners Roy Davidson and Elaine Smith, to close a county road east of San Jon. McCoy, who manages the property, said Davidson owned the property on both sides of the road.

The commissioners agreed to start the process for closing the road, which includes public notice through newspaper advertisement of the county’s intent to close the road and the opportunity for anyone to come before the county commission and offer their opinion on the road closure.

The second road request was a familiar one to the commissioners.

At the last county commission meeting, commissioners had requested that a letter be sent to the state’s Attorney General to seek a legal opinion on how to vacate roads in the township of Montoya.

The question had arisen because the T-4 Ranch sought the commission’s advice on how to legally vacate some roadways in Montoya. Nearly one section of the old township of Montoya is owned by the T-4 Ranch and ranch owners would like to bring those lots and roads under one umbrella. There are, however, three other properties, each owned by a separate owner, among the T-4’s holdings.

Don Schutte, the county’s attorney, said the commission could not ask the state attorney general for an opinion but his office could seek an opinion because of statutory requirements.

The commission requested Schutte to ask for an opinion for the attorney general.
In other business:

• County Road superintendent Larry Moore said the county was seeking $1 million in GRIP 2 road funds to upgrade Quay Road AI. The county’s portion would be $200,000 and the remaining from the GRIP 2 project if approved.

• Approved a contract with Mike Sorensen of Logan Business Systems to redesign and update the county’s Web site at The cost is $214 every six months.

Sorensen was also selected to troubleshoot the county’s computer systems when there are failures. Janie Murray, the county tax assessor, said the county’s system had been down, for up to three days at a time, since March 1. The downtime had affected the county’s Clerk, Tax Assessor and Treasurer offices as well as the business operations in the county manager’s office, Murray said.

l In a report, Tony Elebario, director of the Quay County Detention Center, said prisoners brought to the center would be asked to take tests for sexually transmitted diseases and the HIV AIDS virus in cooperation with the state’s Department of Health.

Elebario also said, ankle bracelets for prisoners, which have been ordered by the center, are to arrive and dates have been set for center staff to learn how to monitor prisoners wearing the bracelet. The bracelets are expected to cut the detention center’s operating budget because it will reduce the cost of housing prisoners.