Teens spread message by ‘sticker shock’

By QCS Staff

Student volunteers in the “Sticker Shock” project stuck warning stickers on multipacks of alcoholic beverages that it’s a criminal offense to sell alcohol to minors. They are members of the Quay County Substance Abuse Committee, Quay County DWI.
On each of the packages was a neon pink or yellow sticker that reads: “Providing alcohol to minors is illegal. 4th degree Felony, 18 months in jail, $5000 fine.”
They also had lots of uniformed support: Chief Larry Ham of the Tucumcari Police Department, Quay County Sheriff Joe Schallert and Capt. Cleo Baker of the New Mexico State Police were at the event.
Ham said it was first time Stick Shock had been presented in Quay County. “It think it will raise the level of awareness that it is illegal to sell alcohol to minors and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish,” Ham said.
The stickers were placed on mulitpack beverages at Lowe’s grocery store.
One of the student volunteers, Matthew Montano, said he had approached other retailers who sell alcoholic beverages.
“They all said no,” Montano said. “They all said because of their marketing manager or policies that they couldn’t participate.”