05-26-2007: Letters to Editor

Feedlot causes concern
I cannot believe the citizens of Tucumcari would even consider letting a feedlot that close to town. The ethanol plant is bad enough.
I have lived and been around both, the smell is awful. Even on a calm day, a feedlot generates a lot of dust and it can’t be healthy.
It will also use a large amount of water. I know we need businesses to come to town but we don’t need this.
They say it will bring 15 to 20 jobs. Big deal. We can get one Burger King or taco place to come in and they will employ that many, and they won’t use 36,000 gallons of water a day. And it won’t smell bad.
I am surprised that the city’s motel and restaurant owners would want it near town. If I was passing through and smelled that smell, I would keep going to the next town. Before it moves here, you better go outside and take a good breath of fresh air while you can.
If it is built here, we need to remember the ones who helped bring it here next election time.
What’s next, a pig house?

Ron Weaver
Tucumcari NM