Becoming a friend can make improvements at Ute Lake

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The Friends of Ute Lake State Park was organized in January of 2007. Its purpose is as a local and private entity to complement, contribute to the Ute Lake State Park.

The group was started to assist in the development of the state parks on a local level. By donating $40 you get an annual day pass and become a voting member of the group. As a member you can participate in the voting and activities held by the group to help improve the Ute Lake State Park. The annual day pass is the same as the one purchased at the State Parks offices the only difference is that the money raised by the group with the passes will go towards the improvement of the Ute Lake State Park.
“We want active members who will help us to improve the Ute Lake State Park,” said Ben Newton, member of the Friends of Ute Lake State Park board of directors.
“With the money we raise we hope to add attractions to the lake that would normally take longer through state funding.”

Future projects at Ute Lake

l building/improvement of a beach at the Cottonwood camp ground.
l finishing the fish weighing station
l improvement of the nature trails
l building of fishing docks around lake for shore activities
l working with the Logan Chamber Of Commerce to bring activities to the Ute Lake State Park