06-16-2007: Letter to Editor

All of the members of the volunteer fire district number 2 want to thank the businesses for their donations to the fire fighting effort at the Sands-Dorsey Building on June 8.

Thanks to: Del’s for the burritos, the Sonic for water and hamburgers, the Subway for the many sandwiches and bags of chips, the Pizza Hut for large boxes of pizza, Lowes for the large volume of greatly appreciated water and other drinks. And thanks to Carlos and Eva Romeo for the hamburgers they brought to the fight. Thanks to the OdeonTheater for the sodas. And thanks for the Porta Potty from Quay Rent-a-John.

All of the above donations were provided without forming a committee, dangling the tin cup, or going from door to door. They just appeared within minutes of the first engine arriving on the scene. That says volumes about this town!
Then there are those who pitched in with the hoses, giving some of us a break. Thanks for that help.

Last but not least and too numerous to mention, thanks to all the women who tirelessly passed out the drinks and food to the fire fighters, and stayed with it throughout the night.

Shane Jennings
Rural 2 Fire Chief