New agent joins extension office

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Tom Dominguez, 37, is the new agriculture extension agent for Quay County. Dominguez came to the Quay offices from Pecos, Texas, where he was the extension agent in Reeves County for four years. He’s been involved with the extension program for about 10 years. He holds a master’s degree in Agriculture Education from Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas.
Dominguez is joined by his wife, Beth, a school teacher, and their 9-month-old son, Levi.
Meet the new extension agent:

What brought you to Tucumcari?
Besides the job opportunity, I like the diversity in agriculture in the area. There’s also the diverse terrain. I’m pleased to be here. Everyone’s been very welcoming.

Are you from a farming or ranch background?
I grew up on a ranch where there were beef cattle. I’ve been involved in agriculture all my life. My family, uncles and dad, have been in ranch management in Reeves County. And the longer I’ve been in extension work, the more I’ve learned about farming and hay and other forage crops. I have one quarter horse that I’m bringing with me. I’m working with him because he’s young and green. I enjoy getting out on ranch country and working on horseback. That’s been my passion since being young.

What are the areas you’ll cover at the extension office?
I’m responsible for educational programs in agriculture and in natural resources, including wildlife and water. I look forward to meeting everybody and meeting the producers and hearing about their concerns and ideas and how the extension office can address their local, and statewide issues.
My work will range from the urban backyard horticulturist to the producer who grows 1,500 acres of hay or alfalfa, to the rancher who has hundreds of cattle.

In your first week here on the job, what kind of questions and concerns have you heard ?
Right now, there have been water issues, how to conserve water. Questions from the small landowner who’s trying to make the most of his land.
I’m also trying to get around the county and see what other issues farmers and area ranchers have that we could address.
I also hope people will stop by and introduce themselves and I hope to come out and visit with many of the people in the county.

To contact Tom Dominguez call the Quay County Extension Office at (505) 461-0562 or email: