City pool opens

Exuberant squeals and the sounds of splashing water were heard from West Hines Street as the city pool opened Tuesday – after a two-year wait.

More than 100 children welcomed its opening as the temperature on the bank clock read 109 degrees.

Director of Recreation Scott Simpson had been sweating it out. A series of inspections had delayed the anticipated early June opening. And his face was dripping with perspiration on Tuesday as he drilled through the pool building’s concrete to put up signs about one hour before the planned 1 p.m. opening.

Beside him was the state’s inspector from the Department of the Environment.

But by 1 p.m. Tuesday, the Bond family from Edgewood walked in. And the Bonds, Kade, 11 Konner, 9, and Sage, 7, took the first dip in the pool.

Accompanying them was their grandfather, Robert Bond, who said he was thankful too.

“I was running out of things to do with them,” said Bond of Tucumcari and Moriarty.

“We’ve been waiting for it to open up,” said Sage Bond, as she dipped in the shallow end.

Last year, city officials had projected a May 1 opening of the renovated pool. But as work continued on the renovation project new code requirements and equipment were needed, said Simpson.

The city borrowed about $100,000 to complete the project, which cost about $250,000.