NIE Teacher of the year

By Diane Trujillo

Being the recipient of the NIE teacher of the year award is a symbol to me that despite the difficulty of teaching, reaching kids, and developing more innovative instructional strategies – I have done something right.

Reading is the key to success for all children despite diversity, ability, or disability, reading is the door to a place of success and accomplishment.

Teaching reading is my passion, extending reading into every subject area every day is my goal for the public education system.
Newspapers in Education provide children with community based exploration, reading challenges not of the normal basal mode, and a unique opportunity to feel an involvement in the community of which we live in.

Newspapers offer diversity to the child and new material on an ongoing basis. I consider newspapers an essential tool.
I am on a mission to strengthen the approach to education by schools and communities.

There is no inferior child. We must not pass judgment on children or their families. I’m convinced reading is the key ingredient to strengthening education and children within our system, I believe our community and parents value education, contrary to what many of my peers may believe, I think they just do not understand how to effectively support it and their children within the system.

Our children’s futures are at stake if we do not embrace the educational system within our community and unite to bring success to our children.

We must push them to probe into the challenge of learning, we must motivate the children to strive for academic success, and we must embrace one another professionally and communally as we rise to higher standards of excellence for our children. I believe excellence and increased expectations are possible because every child has potential and all children can learn to their own unique ability range.
As daunting as education can be, I know we can push kids to reach their potential with strong relationships, solid reading programs, and instructional strategies geared to imbed the message of higher standards of work ethic we can see a change for our children. We can guide them to greater success and potential for their personal lives.