Letters to the Editor

By Bob Wicks, Jr.

When I was three weeks old I made my first trip to town. My mother placed me on the pharmacy counter for all to see and admire.

From then on Sands-Dorsey became my main hang-out. I have great memories of the store, from all the people who worked there to all the people who frequented the “Back Room.” It was the back-room, in particular, where everything that was going on in the world, as well as Tucumcari, was discussed. I spent many happy hours listening to “the Judge,”  “the salesmen” and many friends who would drop in for a quick chat and cup of coffee. 

Other memories are of the fountain and Ms. Ruby Brison, the candy, fountain and cigar cashier.  When I was little, she let me stand on a stool next to cash register and ring up the fountain sales. In junior high, after classes I would walk to the store where I supposedly did my homework in Mr. Sands office. However, what I liked to do best, was to wait until one of the fountain girls needed to go to the basement for supplies. When they were about halfway back, I would turn off the lights.  You could hear them screaming my name throughout the whole store. On Saturday afternoons, we were allowed to get sunflower seeds and a “Big Daddy” from the candy counter, before we would walk to the Odeon.

 I’d like to thank those who sent me newspapers and Internet pictures about the fire. The fire burned most everything. But it didn’t burn the original “Sands-Dorsey-Drug Co.”  sign that hung over the pharmacy because it’s in my office.  
I’ll probably visit Tucumcari in August 2010 – my 45th year school reunion.

Bob Wicks, Jr., Marysville, Wash., son of Robert Wicks, Sr., Sands Dorsey pharmacist.