County reviews road closure policy, OKs fire district funds

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

Quay County Road Superintendent, Larry Moore, discussed the policy for road closure at the regular meeting of the Quay County Commissioners Monday morning.

The commissioners took no action on the policy and are reviewing it further. The policy was a rough draft to be reviewed by the commissioners before it is voted on, said Moore.

“The policy presented by Moore is only a rough draft of future policies that might be used by the Quay County Road Department in the event of a road closure,” said Quay County Manager Richard Primrose. “There will be no action taken until the commissioners review the policy and vote on it at next month’s meeting.

The commissioners also approved:
• The transfer of $50,000 from the Quay County Road fund to the Road Equipment Fund to purchase equipment.

• The payment of the remainder of the Fire Districts Revenue Bonds 94A at a sum of $124.14.
The bond was originally for $480,000, said Primrose. The reserve money of $88,889.87 was distributed to the different fire districts in
Quay County, said Primrose which included:
• District 1: $21,296.53
• Nara Visa: $13,889.04
• Bard/Indee: $24,074.34
• Quay Fire District:

Other items brought before the commissioners involved the Quay County Sheriff’s office selling a vehicle to the Quay County Road Department for $14,000.

The Quay County Sheriff’s office will use the money to purchase another vehicle.