Standoff in Logan causes summer school closure

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The Monday morning standoff between the New Mexico State Police and Manuel Trujillo Jr. in Logan caused the Logan municipal schools to cancel their summer education program for the day.

Trujillo who was involved in a domestic dispute that began at about 2:30 a.m and ended at about 8 a.m., police said. He would not respond to police when asked to come out of his home on North Third Street, police said.

Because gun shots had been fired early Monday morning, police called in their special response team, the Tactical Team. Trujillo surrendered peacefully after four hours. He was arraigned Tuesday in Magistrate Court and was still in the Quay County Detention Center late Tuesday afternoon.

The Logan school’s Social skills, Health, Recreation, Enrichment and Culture (SHREC) summer program was canceled as a result of the standoff, said Logan principal Gary Miller.

“It was more of an inconvenience than anything,” said Miller. “Once we were aware of the situation, we contacted the teachers and parents to prevent them from coming to the school and endangering their safety.”

Sixty-five students lost a day of school and 10 certified teachers and 15 teenage mentors lost a day’s pay due to the cancellation, said SHREC director Angie Fly. Despite the loss of a day’s pay, the teachers with the SHREC program agreed that the decisions made by the school administration to ensure the safety of the children and faculty was the right course of action, said teacher Sherri Gray.

“I think the administration made the right call,” said Gray. “The children did not need to see or be around that kind of environment. They took the steps needed to ensure the safety of the children and faculty.”

Some businesses in Logan also told their employees to stay home until the crisis had ended.

The Logan school system has a crisis plan in place for the evacuation of the school in the event of a emergency, said Miller. The fire department, police department and even the state park office has helped in the development of crisis plan and will help carry it out if needed, said Miller.

The Logan Fire Department has plans to run training drills during the next school year to fine tune the plan, said Logan Fire Chief Rex Stull.