Hulce back at school helm

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

Doug Hulce was named as the interim superintendent of Logan Schools at special meeting of the Logan school board on June 26.
Hulce is filling in for former superintendent Carolyn Franklin who retired last year.

Hulce is a familiar face in the community and has a long history with the Logan school system.

“Logan has always been a great school,” said Hulce. “I hope to continue the progress they have made and look forward to working hands on with the teachers and staff.”

Hulce was approached by the Logan School board after its selection backed out of the position, said Logan School board president Cinda Barber.

“We think that he was a great choice due to his educational background and past performance as a superintendent,” said Barber.

Question: How and why did you return to this line of work.
Answer: I was approached by some of the school board members to see if I would help them out by filling the position for a year while they looked for a full-time applicant.

Q: Is it difficult or easy returning to this line of work?
A: I would say that I’m going to have to roll up my sleeves and get right into the work.

Q: What do you enjoy about working in Logan again?
A: I’ve always enjoyed working for Logan Schools. Twenty six years of my educational career have been spent here.

Q: What are some of your goals ?
A: Finishing up the construction projects is one of my goals. Mostly, I will be working with the teachers and staff to create a great educational environment and helping the school locate a superintendent they can be happy with.

Q: What is your education background?
A: I have had a long career in education. I was with the Logan schools system for 26 years of those years. I taught for 17 years, was principal for five years and was superintendent for 4 years until I left Logan schools in 1995. I was a educational consultant for two years 96-97 and was the superintendent of Magdalena High school from 1999-2005 when I retired from education.
Q: Do you have a certain management style you like to use?
A: My philosophy has always been an open door philosophy. Work directly with the teachers, staff and students for a good school year.

Q: What is Logan’s school population and budget this year?
A: There will be 220 students this year and we have an operating budget of $2.6 million.

Q: What did you do while in retirement?
A: I moved back to Logan in 2005 and I have owned a small business here since 1984 and have been operating it on the weekends in my retirement. I have always thought of Logan as home.