RAD hopes water woes fixed

BY QCS Staff

A valve with a broken gate, that prevented water from flowing east in the water line along the Frontage Road, may be culprit in a local water coop delivery system.

“We’re hoping this will fix it,” said Shane Jennings, who conducts maintenance for RAD, the Rural Area Development Coop, and who serves on its board.

Alida Brown, whose water from her taps has often had low water pressure or none at all, said, “The pressure’s much better, but the water is very dirty.”

Brown and other residents said low pressure in RAD lines has persisted for weeks.

Phillip Box, president of RAD said that’s to be expected when the pipe’s are worked on.

It will take several days to learn if RAD’s water problems have been solved, Box said.
“We sure hope so,” he said.

Box said he expected to hear a full report of the repairs at RAD’s monthly meeting Tuesday night.