City to study annexation of properties

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The annexation of city-owned properties and privately held properties served by city water was discussed Tuesday at a special meeting of the City Commission.

One of the city-owned properties, in particular, up for discussion for annexation is the new landfill located off of U.S. Highway 54, about three miles from the intersection of Mountain Road and Route 66.

Commissioner Antonio Apodaca suggested that before taking any action, the city’s administrative officials contact other cities that have followed through on similar annexation projects to learn about the pros and cons.

Commissioner Jim Witcher brought up properties outside the city limits of Tucumcari that are being served by city water.
There are residences outside of the city limits receiving city water and paying one and a half percent on that service, said Witcher. If they were brought into the city limits, that would drop to only one percent, said Witcher.

“People are living outside the city limits are still receiving city services,” said Witcher. “The police have been known to respond to those areas because the county and state police are often busy and the city fire and EMS both respond to those areas.”

In the fall of last year, the city commission agreed to annex the airport property and land that would make it contiguous to existing city limits.

City officials said they took the action to bring the property into the city limits to take advantage of the gross receipts generated at the airport as well as the bringing all its properties under one umbrella.

Mayor Mary Mayfield said the commission should hold a special workshop to examine the annexation issue in more depth.

“There will be some residents who will have concerns and will not want to be moved into the city limits,” said Mayfield.

The commission will set a date for a special workshop to discuss the annexation at Thursday’s regular meeting.