Summer Menu Program

The newly formed Manna Ministries, similar to Angel Food Ministries, is providing food in bulk for the second time this year. The program provides food that is more affordable to area residents, said Cora Lucero, a program specialist with the Community Services Block Grant program in Tucumcari.
The basic menu is guaranteed to be worth $50, she said. The money collected pays for the food that’s distributed, Lucero said.
The following menu items will be available at the Eastern Plains CAA. Orders should be placed by calling Eastern Plains and should be paid in advance by Wednesday.
There is a $25 fee for the following menu, plus a $2 fee for transportation of food to Eastern Plains’ office. Payment must be in cash or EBT. Distribution will be on July 28.
2 pounds pork steaks
2 pounds of ground beef
2 pound chicken tenders
2 pounds breaded nuggets
1 pound beef smoked sausage
18 oz. quick oats
1 pound coleslaw
1.5 ounces Alfredo sauce mix
16 ounces frozen broccoli
12 ounces spaghetti noodles
15 ounces pork ‘n beans
7 ounces Jiffy muffin mix
20 count corn tortills
14.5 ounces tomatoes and green chili
1 pound rice
5 pounds potatoes
1 dozen eggs
The additional special menus below are available only with an order of the $25 menu above.
l Special #1 – $18 – Fajita Box: 2 pounds each of chicken, pork and beef.
l Special #2 – $18 – Steak box: 2 pound each of chicken fry, top sirloin and London Broil.
l Special #3 – $18, Grill box: 4 pounds of hamburger patties, 3 pounds beef smoked sausage and 2 pounds seasoned boneless pork chops.
l Special #4 – $18, V-Style Wing Box: 5 pounds each of buffalo wings, and BBQ wings.
To place an order, call Eastern Plains CAA at 461-1914 and ask for Cora Lucero, ext. 140 or Theresa Martinez, ext. 172 or Debbie Brinkley ext. 151.
Distribution will be on July 28.