07-14-2007: Tuck’s Turf

The course is in good shape, come out and enjoy the events.

Upcoming events
35th Vic Breen Scholarship Partnership Tournament.
5 p.m. shootout, July 27.
July 28-29 tournament days. Call Howie at 461-1849 for details.

Pointer of the Week
How many of you know the your proper distance of every club in your bag? Or do you have a special club that you hit for every shot? Think about that. Is that important, or just guess and pray for the best. Do you need to use a driver off every 4 par or 5 par hole or should you play to your strengths. Work on your distance knowledge of your clubs and I think you will notice a big change in your game.

Howie Tucker is a PGA pro at the Tucumcari Municipal Golf Course.