City water and delivery for treatment a priority

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

How to deliver more water and how to move more waste water out faster in Tucumcari’s city pipes received the most notice at the City Commission on Thursday.

The city’s pipes from its wells at Five Mile Park are not as large as they should be and are more than 25 years old, said Charlie Sandoval, the city’s water superintendent.

The current 12-inch pipes need to be upgraded to 14-inch pipes, he said.

Also, a well is currently under repair and other wells may need work.

Water from the wells is especially important because it is used to blend with water from other wells in the southern part of town that have been found to have high levels of uranium, Sandoval said.

Meanwhile, the city’s lift station serving residents, as well as new and current businesses at the Mountain Road and First Street exits at I-40 is being taxed, said city manager John Sutherland.

“It’s extremely crucial for future economic development and for the short term,” Sutherland said.

Sutherland said the city was going to have the 1980s lines to the lift station “cameraed” which may show on a video-cam where the trouble is on the line.

Sandoval also reported that the Rural Area Development (RAD) water users coop seemed to have fixed some of their problems with the delivery of water.

The city also discovered that its meter, which reads the number of gallons being delivered to RAD, was not functioning properly and that RAD had been undercharged for its water by the city, Sandoval said.

In other matters, the commission:
• Tabled a resolution regarding the process for contacting professional services, such as the city attorney.
Commissioner Christopher Maestas said he did not approve of the proposed resolution and that it limited his free speech.
• Scheduled a work session for 6 p.m. on Tuesday that is to address, among other things, a code of conduct, process for contacting professional services and annexation of properties into the city limits.

A contract that would give over land to the Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corp. for a proposed feed lot was not ready for review by the commission on Thursday, Sutherland said. It is expected to come before the commission at its next regular meeting on July 26.