Newborns, Anniversary, Gas Watch, Crime stats

Azalea’s a pretty flower ..
Azalea Isabel Mascarenas was born on May 21, 2007 at Clovis. She was 7 pounds, 6 ounces. She’s the daughter of Tony and Miriam Mascarenas from Tucumcari and joins twin brothers, Omart and Oscar. Azalea’s grandparents are Danny and Edith Moralez of Tucumcari and Eloy and Maria Gardea of El Paso, Texas. Her great-grandparents are Rafelita Lucero and Tillie Lucero, both of Tucumcari, and Adalberto Ortiz of El Paso.

Tucumcari Crime Stats…
The following are crime statistics from the month of June:
Arrests 41
Motor vehicle accidents 12
Domestic violence 12
Citations 74
Traffic: 59
Liquor: 1
Drugs: 4
Animals: 9
Other: 1
Auto theft 4
Burglaries 22
Vandalism 15
Juvenile crime 9
(These incidents included:
2 battery and 2 trespassing)
Shots fired 4
The highest incidence of burglary and vandalism occurred in District 1, the northwest quadrant bounded Route 66 and First Street.

Together for eleven
Jack Huntley and Connie Harris are celebrating their years together in Tucumcari. Harris says, “Thank you heaven, it’s number eleven.”

Gas watch in Tucumcari
After settling down for a few weeks after the Memorial holiday, gas prices are trending up again. Here’s an informal survey of area stations on Friday.
Allsup’s Phillips 66 $3.25
Chevron $3.32
Shell $3.29
Travelers One Stop
Phillips 66 $ 3.29
Fina $3.25
Circle K $3.27
Love’s $3.25
Fast Stop Phillips 66 3.39
Holiday Conoco $3.39