Outdated maps may be link to costly insurance

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

A real estate broker, Sam W. Morrow, said property owners may be paying too much in insurance because the area’s maps showing flood plain areas may be outdated.

“They’re still working off of information that’s 40 to 50 years old,” Morrow told the Tucumcari City Commission on Thursday. The maps have not been revised because they “didn’t have the money to do the study,” he said.

FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency is responsible for doing the surveys of flood plain areas for the mpa, Morrow said.
Morrow asked the city commission if they would contact state and federal legislators who could assist in getting FEMA to update its surveys.

Some property owners, who have the finances to hire attorneys and engineers, have fought current map designations and proven that certain areas are not in a flood plain, Morrow said. However, not all property owners may have the financial wherewithal to do the same.
The city’s community development director, Doug Powers, said he agreed with Morrow and that something that should be done to get the maps updated.

The commissioners asked Powers to provide additional information and said they would consider the passage of a resolution seeking to have the flood maps updated.