Police chief resigns

By QCS Staff

Tucumcari Police Chief Larry Ham announced he is resigning at the end of the month, according to a press release.

Ham has served as the City’s Police Chief since June, 2005.

Ham said that the resignation was a personal decision, based primarily on his needing to spend more time with his immediate family, the release said.

“My parents are at a time in their lives where they need support and assistance, and although I have traveled, every other weekend, to lend my support and assistance to them, the situation has evolved to where I need to be closer to them and more readily available to them,” Ham said in the release.

Ham said his accomplishments at the police department include managing the consolidation of the Central Dispatch, a project that has taken almost the entire two years.

“The consolidation has been a huge undertaking, and with a lot of support from Fire Chief Mike Cherry and Scot Jaynes, we have managed to overcome many challenges. I want to thank everyone for their help during the consolidation,” Ham said in the release.
Ham thanked City Commissioners and Mayor Mary Mayfield for their support Ham said.

“I would like to thank the men and women of the Tucumcari Police Department … They do the job, without fail and without complaint. I am proud to have served with you,” Ham stated.

Ham said that he plans to take off a couple of months. “I … will take advantage of the opportunity to be with family before seeking another position,” Ham said in the release.

City manager John Sutherland said it’s too early to decide what avenue would be taken to replace the chief.
Ham could not be reached for comment.