Waiting for Harry until stroke of midnight

Tucumcari residents have been awaiting today’s delivery of the seventh and final book in the J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series,“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

At 12:01 a.m. today, Tucumcari Postmaster Robert Roark was to give out the pre-ordered copies of the Harry Potter book from the loading dock of the Tucumcari Post Office.

“This is the most anticipated mailing of the year for the post offices,” said Roark.“The publishers of the book are using the bar code system the United States Postal Services uses to ensure that no copies of the book are delivered early.”

The Tucumcari Library will have two books that can be checked out, and seven library patrons have already reserved the book, said assistant librarian Dainetta Kroeker.

The libraries in Albuquerque have 799 reservation requests for the book and 202 reservations for the book on CD, she said.

“We feel that there will be more requests for the book as time goes on,” said Kroeker. “The book is very popular with the 15-year-olds and older readers.”

Of those readers waiting to check out the newest and last Harry Potter books is 46-year-old Lisa Nemrow of Tucumcari.

Nemrow has been a fan of the books since the fourth book came out.
“My children and I enjoy reading the books. But in the beginning it wasn’t like that,” said Nemrow, the mother of seven children. The children’s father, Jason Nemrow, initially did not want the books in his home because he had heard that they were filled with witchcraft. “I had to read the first three books and assure him that they were OK,” said Newrow.

“After I convinced my husband that the books were OK, we gave the first three books to my oldest daughter Shayna on her 14th birthday,” said Nemrow. “She had been wanting to read the books for a long time because all her friends had.”

Once Nemrow’s husband gave the OK for the family to read the books, the children and Lisa have enjoyed every book and are looking forward to reading the final book but also have some reservations. “My daughters say that Harry is going to die in this one but I tell them they are wrong that good will triumph over evil that how it has to be,” said Nemrow.

“We are excited to read the new book but are sad that it is the last one,” said Nemrow. “You want to keep reading about these characters that you have gotten to know over the years and you want to know what happens to them later on.”

“It will take too long for all of the family to read the same book and I know that there are a lot of people who will want to read it so to save time. I usually read the book aloud to my children,” said Newrow. “When reading the book I get dramatic to better tell the story.”
The Readmore Book Store in Tucumcari has pre-ordered books and are taking extra steps to get them to the customers.

“We have 10 pre-order copies and all 10 of the people who ordered them called Friday morning to confirm that we have them,” said owner David Short. “We are usually closed on Saturdays but will be open at 9 a.m. (today), so those that who have ordered the book can pick them up.”