Building boom at Mountain Road and i-40

Look east or west from Mountain Road at 1-40, and you’ll see two competitors: the Flying J and Love’s.

Each is after 18-wheelers and their diesels steaming across the interstate.

In Love’s corner, at the bottom left, is a $4.5 million travel stop. The new 4,321-square-foot operation will add 12 new positions to its existing staff of 25 employees, a Love’s official has said.

The current Love’s opened in 1991. The new truck stop will include an Arby’s restaurant, as well as Chester’s Chicken and Godfather’s Pizza services, which are at the current location.

At the top left is The Flying J’s facility which when built out will cost about $6 million, including land. It will have about 16,000 square feet of covered space.

Some of its features: 14 diesel pumps, six gas pumps, between 150 and 180 truck stalls, 50 car stalls. Its eateries will be Pepperoni’s Pizza, Country Market and Magic Dragon, a Chinese restaurant. Restaurant seating will accommodate about 120 diners and fast food dining about 60.

Employees are estimated to be about 100.

But which will win the building race? Only time will tell.