07-28-2007: Police Blotter

The following is a sample of calls received during the last few days by the central dispatch office for Quay County, based at the Tucumcari Police Department. According to reports:

l At 9:14 p.m., a male reported loud music at a residence on South Sixth Street. An officer made contact with the residents and advised them to turn the music down.

l At 6:50 a.m., a female reported two vicious dogs at her residence on North Rock Island Street. The animal control officer was told that two pit bulls were on the female’s porch and were growling. The officer located the dogs and advised they had been put back in the owner’s yard and the owner was given a verbal warning.
l At 12:39 p.m., an alarm was reported at a loan company on East Tucumcari Boulevard. An officer advised that the building was secure and the manager had reset the alarm.
l At 1:22 p.m., an officer served a warrant at a residence on South Fourth Street. One female subject was arrested for a Magistrate Court warrant.
• At 12:57 a.m., an officer engaged in a foot pursuit of three juveniles on South Jackson Street. One male juvenile was detained and released to his parents.
• At 1:29 a.m., a female reported a domestic dispute at an apartment on West Hancock Avenue. An officer was told that someone had possibly been shot or stabbed at the apartment. An officer advised that all was OK; no one was injured. It was a fight between two brothers and the problem had been resolved.
• At 2:51 a.m., an officer served a warrant at a fuel station on South First Street. One male subject was arrested and taken to the Quay County Detention Center for three outstanding municipal warrants.
• At 5:48 p.m., a male reported vandalism at a residence on South Eighth Street. An officer advised that two tires on a vehicle had been slashed.

• At 8 a.m., an alarm was reported at the high school on South Seventh Street. An officer advised that all was OK; the building was secure.
• At 9:02 a.m., a female reported vicious dogs on South College Street. An officer was told that two pit bulls had chased a young girl down the road. The officer was told that the two dogs had been reported the previous day for similar behavior and the owner had been warned about letting them out. The animal control officer picked up three pit bulls and the owner will be cited, the report said.
• At 10:17 p.m., a male requested an ambulance on East Smith Street. The reporting officer advised the subject was taken to the emergency room and was placed into protective custody for not taking his medications.