$5 million awarded for new high school

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The Tucumcari Public Schools received $5.4 million from the Public School Capital Outlay Council for construction of a new High School, said Superintendent Aaron McKinney.

At a Capital Outlay meeting in Santa Fe on Wednesday the state awarded $5,472,000 to the Tucumcari High School for the design and construction of a new high school, McKinney said.

The construction will be done in phases and the money made available by the Capital Outlay will fund the design of Phase I and Phase II and the construction of Phase I, said McKinney.

“We hope to have the design phase done before June of next year so we can begin construction,” said McKinney. “We would like to thank the steering committee, staff and board for all the help they have given putting this project together.

The school will have a meeting with the architects, steering committee, board members, teachers and the community to decide on a suitable design for the new school, he said.

Construction work on Tucumcari Middle School’s Mesa Cafeteria is one of the school system’s top priorities, said McKinney. The cafeteria is to be updated and remodeled.

“I am extremely excited that the school has received this funding to build a new high school,” said school board member Marty Garcia. “The people have supported us and help to pass bonds to build better facilities and we are continuing to work on providing the best environment to help our children learn.”

The state will also advance some of the money needed for the demolition of Granger elementary school and gym at South Third and Hines, said McKinney. The school does not have any plans yet for the property once Granger has been demolished but the property will remain in the school system, McKinney said.

“We are looking to have the demolition of the Granger school done within the year,” said McKinney. “We will start taking bids for the demolition within a month.”