Life on short leash

By Lynn Moncus

Because several of you were kind enough to call, the slave finally decided I could do the writing this week. She tends to get carried away and forget that I have my own fan club and that I need to write frequently in order to stay in touch with them. Besides she knows that her canine friends need to hear from me because I tend to speak for a lot of us who have slaves with whom to contend.

She has been busy this week changing her schedule just to irritate me. She has come and gone at strange hours and has made me late for meals several times. I think I got her attention by refusing to eat some of the food she placed before me. Well, it was just terrible, and no self-respecting pet would eat such combinations. She finally boiled some chicken for me and is now mixing it with my kibbles. Actually I was afraid to eat some of the stuff she had been placing in my dish because I had seen how many pets had been killed by the poisons their slaves had bought at the stores in the name of fancy dog food.

When I watched her put those drum sticks into the pot of water, I knew I was going to have a few good meals. Even a taste of the broth is better than most of that canned junk she tries to starve me into eating.

We really have had some good walks in the country this summer and have seen many beautiful wild flowers. In the hot weather, she doesn’t see just how far we walk and has plenty of water along so we can drink it when we return to the car. She often pours a little of it over me in order to let me feel a little more comfortable.

We get to stop during our walk when she sees something to admire. I just sit while she takes a few pictures and am then rested when she is ready to continue our trek. I still haven’t figured out why she is so jumpy when she hears something in the bushes or sees something slithering along on the ground.

Sometimes, she nearly chokes me silly when she gets scared and thinks she sees what she calls a snake. I try to tell her not to worry because I don’t even know what a snake is and see no reason for her to be so edgy.

She did stop me very short one day while she took a picture of something that looked like a crooked stick stretched across the road. For some reason, she really hurried back to the car that day and dragged me along behind because I wasn’t ready to finish our walk.

She is still thinking about taking me to those canyons and keeps telling me we will go when the weather is a little cooler. I know she needs to take that trip so she can begin to calm down again and can even begin to talk with some sense. She just naturally relaxes more when we are out there and certainly speaks more kindly to me as we walk. She can even sit still for an indefinite period as she gazes into those depths. I kind of wish I knew what she was thinking when she smiles as she seems to be remembering something. I usually know what she is thinking here in town because she tells me in no uncertain terms, but she remains silent out there as if she is listening to something. You might tell her she should head in that direction soon so she will be less cranky at home.