Part(y)ing finale for readers

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

This is a kids’ story with a happy ending.

The Tucumcari Public Library’s summer reading program held its grand finale Thursday in Dunn’s Park.

At the finale children enjoyed sack races, piñatas, cakewalks, balloon toss and a hot dog cookout as a reward for completing the required reading list for the Summer Reading Program.

“This is a fun party; I enjoyed busting the piñata,” said five-year-old Branden Jiminez.

But best of all, the children read hundreds of books, said librarian Mary Ann Molinas. All together, the children read 6,384 books for a combined 1,696 hours of reading, said Molinas

During the summer reading program children had to turn in six required reading lists over the six week program. Three hundred and six children registered with the program but only 80 turned in the reading list necessary to attend the finale.

“I read 54 books,” said seven-year-old Jasmine Hernandez. “My favorite book was ‘Calico Cat.’ It is a book about rhymes.”
“The purpose of the summer reading program is to encourage children to read more books,” said Molinas. “The finale was an incentive we used to help the children read more books.”