Quay County 12-for-12 on AYP

QCS Staff

The Public Education Department said fewer state schools are reaching adequate yearly progress (AYP) under the federal No Child Left Behind Act than in 2006.

The department is not, however, referring to Quay County Schools.

All three Tucumcari schools, and schools in San Jon, Logan and House, passed the state-established targets for improving student achievement.

The marks include improvement for Tucumcari Middle School and House Junior High, which both recovered from missing AYP in 2006.
The schools combine for 12 of the state’s 334 schools — 42 percent — that did make the goals.

“I congratulate all the schools that made AYP,” said PED Secretary García in a statement, “and I applaud the work of students, educators and parents on their achievement.”

Schools are graded on performance and participation in math and reading tests administered to high school juniors and students in grades 3-9.

Other factors in the ratings are graduation rates for high schools and attendance rates for elementary and middle schools.

There are 37 factors in all, and a school must meet all 37 to satisfy AYP requirements. Garcia said the pass/fail system “does not give a comprehensive picture of school improvement” and noted it as one reason NCLB is under reauthorization.

Under NCLB, states are to increase performance targets annually until 100 percent of students are proficient by the 2013-14 school year.