Bridge at Logan rated “fair”

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

A state bridge engineer is scheduled to inspect the Logan bridge on U.S. Highway 54 across the Canadian River on Thursday.
The bridge is rated “fair” on a three-phased scale of good to fair to poor, said Heather Sandoval, assistant district engineer and bridge engineer with the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

The rating should not cause undue concern and future repairs are scheduled, Sandoval said.
Thursday’s examination of the of the bridge will be a visual inspection, Sandoval said.

The bridge is one of four that were ordered last week to be inspected by Gov. Bill Richardson.

The action was prompted by the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis which has a similar steel-truss construction.

The three other bridges in New Mexico to be inspected are:
l I-25 near Nogales Canyon (Northbound and Southbound)
l U.S. 64 Gorge Bridge near Taos
l U.S. 64 near Shiprock

The U.S. 54 bridge is slated for repairs of its joint work in the fall or winter, Sandoval said.

The repair job is estimated to cost about $50,000 and take about three weeks, she said.
It will also involve some lane closures, Sandoval.

And in later this month, the bridge will be inspected, under contract, by the New Mexico State University, Sandoval said.
Based on the university’s findings the bridge is expected to have additional repairs in 2008, Sandoval said.

The bride had major repair work done in 1984, Sandoval said.

It was originally built in 1954. “We have several bridges that were built back in the 1950s,” she said.