Going down memory lane with Rattlers

By Lnn Moncus

Talk about “a sentimental journey”! The weekend of Rattler Reunion was just that and one of the most enjoyable gatherings yet. The Class of 1977 created a magic spell with “The Wizard of Oz” theme and made us much aware that ”There’s no place like home.” Because I cut my teeth on that book and saw the movie when it came out in 1939, I have felt close to the characters and have felt the magic of the story through the years. I had a feeling that I was caught up in that tornado in the opening scene and placed in the 1950’s for the weekend. I had a notion that others were feeling much the same way because we discussed our reactions more than usual. Because I had been a bit puny earlier, I knew I was having a few problems with emotions, but many of my friends were having that same problem; thus, we were on an emotional tilt-a-whirl at all times.

Our Class of ’52’ spent a lot of time together as we hosted the Golden Rattler Luncheon. I was so very proud to be a member of that class and to be a teacher here later. As we talked, we might as well have been back in those early days because we tended to be hit with fits of giggles only as teenagers can experience. I feel sure the young people sort of wondered about this older generation, but they should remember what they saw so they will have a chance to repeat such an experience in their later years. Seeing so many former students and so many friends from other classes made me more aware than ever of what a privilege it is to be a part of this heritage.
Those who have never had such experiences have no idea what they have missed because ours is such a special relationship.

We cannot begin to describe the feelings we have to anyone other than other Rattlers who have had similar experiences to ours. Because I had thought a dear friend from the past was no longer with us, you can imagine the joy I felt when I learned she was coming with her son. No words can begin to describe those feelings when I saw her enter the front door. She had done so much for me in the past and had been such a good friend that I was completely unstrung by her appearance. I think the sight of her really slammed me into the ’50’s and made me more aware than ever of the love of friendship. That special love keeps us going and gives us a reason to want to continue making friends and being friends.

I guess I was particularly moved because she is one of the few remaining people who spent a lot of time in our home and was very close to our family. As we recalled those wonderful years, we were transported to them for a few hours. We were just as comfortable with each other as we had been so long ago and will now remain in touch as long as possible. Those of us who so enjoyed Rattler Reunion want to thank the ones in charge of arrangements and particularly the Class of ’77 for creating the magic of Oz for a weekend. A visit into the past was just great, and now we need to get on with the present so we can enjoy being a part of our world of home.