Rattlers get set for new season

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

In high heat the Tucumcari Rattlers began their preparation for the upcoming football season.

In the heat of the day the Rattlers started out their second session of two-a-day practice in the weight room. The Rattlers partnered up and moved from station to station during their circuit weight training program.

“The players will partner up and will spend 30 seconds on each machine rotating until each of them has had a chance to use every station in the weight room,” said coach Dub Smith. “This will increase their strength and stamina and we continue this program throughout the season.”

For many Rattlers this is their last season of football in the snake pit and while they are looking forward to their senior year they also feel a sadness as it comes to an end.

“I think we will have a good team this year.” said Andre Debord. “If we work hard and together we will have a great season.”

“It feels good to be the senior on the team,” said Wesley Martinez. “I have been looking forward to this moment since I played pee-wee football and now I’m finally at the top.”

Martinez was recognized last year as the Rattler team mate of the year.

“I started on varsity last year filling in for an injured player (Drew White),” said Martinez. “I was able to step up for my team when they needed me until Drew got better.”

At the end of the two-a-day practice week the Rattler football team will compete in their annual Purple and Gold scrimmage.

“This scrimmage means a lot to the seniors,” said Andrez Apodaca. “It will be the last Purple and Gold scrimmage that we will get to play in and it reminds us that this is our last season.”

“The Purple and Gold Scrimmage is an annual tradition to symbolize the start of the Rattler football season,” said Smith. “We look forward to the game and would like to see people come out and supporting their Rattler team.”