Youth already fair veteran

By Thomas Garcia: Freedom Newspapers

Ten-year-old Kevyn Thompson, of Tucumcari continues a tradition of fair participation in the 100 anniversary of the Quay County Fair.
Kevyn has been showing sheep in the Quay County fair since she was 3 years old. She looks forward not only to the competition and awards but the practice and work that come before.

“I enjoy showing sheep and look forward to the fair every year,” said Kevyn. “When I start practicing with the sheep I jump in the pin and catch the sheep lead it around every day. I also wash, dry and groom the sheep before contest.”

This year Kevyn is showing her sheep named “Penny.”

At 3 months old Penny’s mother died and Kevyn began to nurse and care for the young ewe who had two broken legs, said her grandfather, Ron Lamb.

For several months she bottle fed the small lamb and took it to school with her. When her class mates heard the young ewe’s story they named her “Penny” because of her luck, said Lamb.