Koas claims softball championship

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

Area athletes swept the New Mexico 2007 state softball championship tournament 6-0.

The Kaos Undertakers softball team won the New Mexico tournament in class D slow pitch softball held on Aug. 11-12 in Albuquerque.
Made up of athletes from Quay and Curry counties the Kaos Undertakers were seeded 19th in a field of 38.

“The teams that we were competing against in the tournament all have the advantage of being from a large city,” said right fielder C.J. Ogelsby of Tucumcari. “The teams are part of a city league, which Tucumcari does not have, and they see a lot more playing time then we do.”

During the 2007 season the Kaos Undertakers competed in eight tournaments while the third-place Albuquerque team, Shockwave, competed in 16 tournaments and regular city league games, said Kaos pitcher Gary Montano of Tucumcari. The teams also have big sponsors that help cover the costs of entering tournaments, paying travel expenses and buying equipment, said Montano.
Each of the Kaos team members chip in entry fees for tournaments, said Ogelsby.

“We are truly appreciative of our supporters,” said Montano. “Without the help and support from Comcast, Randal Brown, VFW Post 2528 and Ameribuild, it would have been a rough season.”

Montano was named defensive MVP and teammate Chuck Sotelo of Clovis was named offensive MVP in the state tournament.
“Getting MVP really did not matter to me, winning the championship with the team is what mattered most to me,” said Montano. “I have played softball for 22 years and have always wanted to win the state championship. We all have worked very hard for that victory and some of us may never see it again.”

The team now has a chance to compete in the regional play off on Saturday and Sunday in Euless, Texas. The team is unsure if it will be able to attend the tournament due to entry cost and travel expenses, said Montano.

“It will cost $300 to enter the tournament itself and then we will have the cost of travel and lodging,” said Ogelsby. “We are hopeful that the community can help us with some of the expenses so we can go to Texas and represent our hometowns.”

If you would like to help sponsor the team, call Jeff Cordova at 815-8535.