Design firm OKed for THS renovation

By QCS Staff

The Tucumcari School Board agreed to hire the architectural firm of Greer Stafford/SJCF, Inc. for the high school’s planned renovation.
The project is estimated to take about three years and to cost about $20 million, said officials from the state and Greer Stafford at Monday’s board meeting.

The school system has received a $5,472,250 award from the state’s Public School Capital Outlay Council to begin phase one of the three-phases of construction on the existing site.

In phase one, renovation of existing structures and construction of new buildings will cover 27,723 square feet.
Design planners and school officials are expected to meet with parents and students for their input on the proposed renovations, school officials said.

Some of the items to be addressed in the renovation of THS from 2007 to 2010 include:
l Replacing the two main classroom buildings built in 1962.
l Renovating buildings, including:
Library Music
Art Vocational Shop
Physical Education
l Reworking the site for vehicular traffic and drainage.
l Phasing construction so that classes can continue through the renovation.
l Renovating of Mesa Kitchen at the Middle School and the creation of a serving kitchen at THS.