County names top five priorities for legislative grant

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The Quay County Commissioners approved a proposal for the Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan.

A legislative proposal for grant money through the ICIP was submitted by Quay County Manager Richard Primrose at Monday’s meeting and approved by the Quay County Commissioners.

In this plan the commissioners outlined the top five priorities for Quay County which were.
l Improvement and remodeling of the Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital facilities.
l Roof and Improvement of Quay County buildings including an elevator for the Quay County Court House.
l Road Equipment
l Detention Center improvements
l Main Street administration building

The commissioners unanimously agreed that the number one priority for Quay County should be the improvement of the hospital.
“The hospital needs to be the absolute number one priority, ” said commissioner Bill Curry.

Primrose also sought the approval of the contract hiring of a DWI Compliance officer. The commissioners approved the contract with the changes that the contract will state that it is a contracted employment through the state of New Mexico not an employment by the Quay County government.

The DWI compliance officer will be Bryan Rinestine. Rinestine was the compliance officer for the Quay County DWI program that was not renewed by commissioners for another year. The DWI office will still be located at 113 East Main Street.

The salary, expenses for services and rental of building is paid for by grant money, said Rinestine. The services provided by the compliance officer include the coordination of DWI programs funded by state grant money and ensure the compliance of court ordered DWI probation, said Rinestine.

“I was the compliance officer with the Quay County DWI program when it was run by the county,” said Rinestine. “The commissioners decided not to fund the program. It became a state-funded contract position that I won the bidding for.”

Another item brought before and approved by the commissioners was:
l Approval of the joint powers agreement between the Quay County Detention Center and Guadalupe County Detention Center to house inmates.