Rattlers ready to tough it out with St. Mike’s

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

Three Quay County football teams are ready for some action.

The 2A Tucumcari Rattlers will travel to Santa Fe Saturday to face the 3A Saint Michael’s Horsemen.
The Rattlers hosted the Horsemen last year and were upset 41-14 but 10 of St. Mike’s starters during that game were seniors. In all, the Horsemen have lost 12 senior players.
“St. Mike’s is a good team I think they will be ranked second or third in their 3A division,” said Rattlers coach Dub Smith. “They have always been a strong opponent in the past when we played them. We know this game is going to be tough but it is going to be a great way to kick off our season.”
“We lost some good players last year,” said Horsemen coach Joey Fernandez. “We have some good players that have stepped up to fill those positions and I am anxious to see how we will do against Tucumcari. I got to see the tape of their scrimmage and they look like a good football team.”
Rattlers vs St. Mike’s: 1:30 p.m. Saturday at St. Michael’s, Santa Fe.

San Jon
The San Jon Coyotes will be playing their second game of the 6-man season against Arbor Christian of Amarillo at San Jon.
The Coyotes won their first game Friday against the Vaughn Eagles 22-0.
“We did good in our first game,” said Coyotes coach Waymond Ragland. “Our defense was not too bad but we have some areas, like blocking, that we need to work on. Arbor Christian is a big and tough school and we are going to have to step up our defensive play.”
San Jon vs Arbor Christian: 3 p.m. Friday junior high and varsity, at San Jon.

Hosting the Springer Red Devils in their first game of the 8-man season, the Logan Longhorns are looking for a win but more importantly to get the game into play.
“We tried to play Springer twice last year and each time it was canceled due to the weather, ” said Longhorns coach Billy Burns. “They have some new players after their school co-oped with Maxwell and we have not seen them play. The team is looking to play a whole game against them and finally see what they can do and get this team and game under our belt.”
“I know the Longhorns are a physical team and they are larger then us size-wise but we are hoping our speed will help us out,” said Red Devils coach Michael Glasman. “With the co-op of Maxwell and Springer schools, we have six new kids that have never played football on the team. So we want to get them in the game and get them some experience. Last year our first game was with Logan and having it canceled twice put our team two games behind in the season. We are looking forward to playing Logan and completing the game and seeing were we stand for the season.”
Logan vs. Springer on Friday at Logan: 4 p.m. junior varsity, 7 p.m. varsity.