Mesalands students pledge to attend

Special to the QCS

The first two weeks of college are a critical time in which many students struggle, while approximately 90 percent of success is just showing up for class.

“Most any faculty member will tell you that the number one reason for students dropping out of college is lack of attendance,” said Aaron Kennedy, Dean of Student Services at Mesalands Community College.

Yet surprisingly, in most institutions of higher learning nation-wide, little attention focuses on what can be done to help students survive and thrive in college. That isn’t the case at Mesalands where a new initiative focuses on helping the students to succeed this semester.

Students are urged to sign a banner in the commons area, promising to not miss any classes during the fall 2007 semester.

“If a student signs the banner and makes the personal commitment to attend classes this semester, they are taking a major step toward succeeding in their college career at Mesalands, and they are establishing a beneficial habit of setting positive goals that will benefit them for the rest of their lives,” said Kennedy.

Additional information about Mesalands can be obtained at 911 South Tenth Street in Tucumcari, or at 461-4413, or on the Web site”