Rattlers ready for St. Mike’s

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

With a new look, the Tucumcari Rattlers are traveling today to Santa Fe to play Saint Michael’s.

This week the Rattlers were issued new home and away uniforms from the school. The uniforms have slight but distinctive differences.
“The team is starting a new season with a new look and great attitude,” said coach Dub Smith. “These boys are ready for the year and ready to work through the season into the playoffs.”

Friday morning at a pre-game practice, the Rattlers went over offensive and defensive drills and play.

From the sideline, Smith said told the players they needed to concentrate on the game ahead of them not next week’s game or team – but to focus on St. Mike’s.

After practice Smith gathered the team on the field.

Smith said that working hard on the junior varsity will the jv players be ready to step up into varsity play. And he encouraged the team to think positive about the upcoming game.

While in the huddle, Smith told the Rattlers, “You are junk yard dogs. A junk yard dog will chew up and tear up anyone who gets in his yard. The football field is 100 yards long and 50 yard wide this is your yard.”

“We just need to play with heart and as a team to win against St. Mike’s,” said Rattlers Senior Andre Debord.

“We want to win this game and start this game of with a ‘W’ in the win column,” said Rattlers senior Wesley Martinez. “We beat them four years ago when we scrimmaged them but they beat us last year in a regular game.

In addition to the new uniforms the Rattlers have a renovated Ratters Stadium with new bleachers, press box and new track surface. The track surface and stadium work was paid for by a Capital Improvement Bond approved by voters in 2005. The cost of the stadium was $238,000.

The Rattlers play at 1:30 p.m. today against the Saint Michael’s Horsemen in Santa Fe.,